2017 Board of Trustees

The World Fellowship Center Board works to ensure that the mission of the organization is fulfilled in financial, legal and ethically responsible ways.

Everyone can support World Fellowship and the Board by spreading the word and inviting folks to engage in this community committed to peace and social justice. Distribute brochures, display fliers where you live or work or at public events, write an article for your blog or local paper, host a house party, or contact organizations about holding their next training or retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Know anyone thinking of a wedding? Not sure where you’d like your final resting place to be? It’s all possible at World Fellowship!

Please “Like” and “Friend” us on Facebook, Tweet, Pin, tell, share our programs and news with friends, family, and in your communities. And come visit our White Mountain inter-generational educational vacation center – there’s no place on earth like it!

All ideas and time commitments are welcome! Contact Andrea @ worldfellowship.org  if interested in volunteering on a board committee or in another capacity — or if you have ideas for outreach.


Eroc Arroyo-Montano, Boston MA

I bring my experience as an an educator, artist, facilitator, organizer, youth worker, community activist and a proud father of three children. As well as my passion for Social Justice and my love of laughter and nature to the WFC board in hopes of being useful. I hope to be able to connect new people with the World Fellowship Center with the idea that the nature and community will bring some healing and relaxation to them. My favorite spot at WFC is on a row boat, with my family, picking wild blueberries on Whitton Pond. I am also a fan of the morning updates over a family style, home made breakfast.

Jane Becker, Co-Chair, Montclair, NJ

I bring my love of WFC and my skills as a math head/computer geek/organized brain to the WFC board in hopes of continuing to strengthen our financial position, with new structures to support World Fellowship’s  Second Century.  I’m proud to be a part of the leadership that supports our unique and vital niche in this crazy world, atop our little piece of Eden. One of my favorite spots at WFC is on the esker, reached through the trail in the Chocorua Birches land.

Gina Bilander, Buildings and Grounds Task Force Chair, Cambridge, MA

World Fellowship is my community and second home. I am a photographer. I hope to share with guests that take my photo workshops WF’s unique history and great natural beauty; and bring to the board what I learn from them about their experiences here and how they want to see WF continue to evolve. As chair of Buildings & Grounds Task Force I have a special commitment to sustaining our land and buildings as we also move forward with new structures that will welcome and meet the needs of our diverse community. One of my favorite places at WF is the front lawn early in the morning, watching Mt. Chocorua change colors as the sun rises and people coming to Lloyd Lodge

Randi Cecchine, Clerk, New York, NY

Randi Cecchine has a background in documentary film making and distribution, teaching film production and media studies, and activism. She holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, and an MFA in Media Arts Production from the City College of NY.  She worked with FMG, a distributor of documentary films and educational media to universities, schools and public libraries; Paper Tiger Television, a video collective devoted to “smashing the myths of the information industry”; and has taught video production and media studies in New York City public schools, community media centers and colleges.  Her documentary Scrambled; A Journey through Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (2000) explored her experience with PCOS, an extremely common, but not well known, medical condition.  Her documentary “Trail of Feathers” (2008) chronicled 5 years of the antics of The Missile Dick Chicks, an anti-war street theater troupe.  The film was premiered at the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, Korea.
Randi is delighted to work with the World Fellowship board and to contribute to ensuring the vitality of this precious place/organization for generations to come.

Jim Greene, Jamaica Plain, MA

I bring my long-haul commitment to love, justice, hospitality and human rights to the WFC board in a spirit of welcoming new faces and wise elders, cherished friends and merry pranksters to find solidarity in our struggles by encouraging new visions, lifting up new voices and adding new tunes to the People’s Songbook as we discern who, and how we need to be in these trying times.  My favorite spot at WFC might be jumping into Whitton Pond after hiking Chocorua, or the lawn near the big rock after supper when the murmur of conversations ripples out in the evening and I can lean on the peace post and gaze across Chocorua’s jagged peak as the sun goes down.  I also love the Lloyd Lodge library whenever people gather to listen, learn, gab or guide each other through the issues or ideas of the day.

Jody Lally,
Brookline, MA

Alex Melman, Madison, WI

Shad Mohammed, Bronx, NY

Daniel Pluta
, Co-Chair, Wakefield, NH

To the WFC board, I bring my experience as facilitator, program manager, intercultural educator and as a long term WFC staff member. I strongly believe in our mission and want our organization to continue inspiring people to create a greater and more beautiful world! My favorite spot at WFC is the big bolder on top of the hight of the land from which you can gaze upon the lake and mountains that lie beyond.

Kaity Thomson, Durham, NH

Mars van Grunsven, Brooklyn, NY

I bring my experience as a journalist who focuses on social activism and my get-things-done-mentality to the WFC board, in hopes of serving the WF community and expanding its reach. My favorite spot at WFC is the lawn in front of the Main Lodge and its view of Mount Chocorua, best observed with friends and a glass of wine at hand.

CO-DIRECTORS, Ex-Oficio members of the Board

Andrea Walsh


Andrea brings experience directing, fundraising for, volunteering with and growing  non-profit organizations of many stripes to the job of co-directing the World Fellowship Center.  Andrea enjoys helping groups and individuals juggle the endless opportunities and challenges of social  justice work.

Originally from lush farm land of mid-Michigan, Andrea treasures raising Fiona and working with Andy while improving soil for growing organic vegetables in the Granite State. Andrea also loves to knit, enjoys long-distance self-propelled journeys, and likes being with people who want to hurry up and slow down to join in making the world a better place—for everybody.

Andrew Davis

Andy Davis was born in 1961 in Rochester, New Hampshire, and mostly grew up on the coast of Maine and on Long Island. During the 1980s he earned his living as a cook, struggled against a US foreign policy in the grip of death squads and mercenaries, hitchhiked 100,000 miles, and traveled whenever possible in Europe, Africa and Latin America. During the 1990s he spent three and a half years doing human rights work in Guatemala, where he met Andrea Walsh. They came back to the US and lived in an intentional community while casting about for a way to combine their values and livelihood; in the meantime he earned a living in carpentry and seasonal farm work, while also learning to grow food organically. Andy and Andrea got married in 1999, and Fiona Uniacke Davis-Walsh joined them in the world soon after. In 2000 the three of them came to live and work at the World Fellowship Center. Since 2001 he has channeled his senses of righteous indignation and magical realism into a passionate avocation as a storyteller.


Anna Burbank, Office and Outreach Manager

A Connecticut native, Anna graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2014 with a degree in Political Science, Sociology and minor in Human Rights. While studying at Uconn, Anna had the opportunity to work and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in TX, CA, and New Zealand, intern for Neighbors in Need of Lawrence, MA, and live in Cape Town South Africa while interning for Beautiful Gate South Africa. After graduation, Anna spent some time living and working out in Jackson Hole, WY in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. After returning from WY, Anna worked for Spectrum Health Systems as a Substance Abuse Counselor for the MA Department of Corrections. It was through these experiences that she found her passion, and hoped to find a future in social justice and non profit work. Since 2016, Anna has been lucky enough to call the Mount Washington Valley and World Fellowship Center, home.

Buildings and Grounds Manager

A host of seasonal staff and volunteers make educational programming, artistic endeavors, physical stretching and exploration possible each and every summer.


Finance —  works to ensure sound financial management of World Fellowship.

Governance –  attends to matters of the Board’s functioning. This has included Nominations functions.

Development —  The Development Committee works to invite and support community collaboration in fulfilling our mission, including raising necessary funds, and supporting relationships with the community of  supporters and friends.

The Board defines the purpose and tasks for each committee. Committees make recommendations to the board for decisions. Board members serve on at least one committee. A Board member chairs each committee (usually a member who has completed at least one year on the board). Committees meet by conference call between face-to-face board meetings. Committees may include members of the World Fellowship community who are not Board of Trustee members. A co-director serves on each committee.

Task Forces:
Buildings and Grounds

Contact the Board of the World Fellowship Center through office @ worldfellowship.org