Contest and Prizes

There will be two separate drawings, to be held in October after the 2017 Summer season.

  • RECRUITERS One drawing will be for people who have registered for the campaign by pledging to recruit new guests, and have been credited with at least 4 new guest-nights.
  • NEW GUESTS Another drawing for Summer 2017 new guests (or returning since 2011) staying two nights or more.
  • Each drawing features a matching set of three prizes:
    • First Prize: 20 free guest-nights
    • Second Prize: 10 free guest-nights
    • Third Prize: 5 free guest-nights
  • Prizes are valid for three years; use anytime summers 2018 – 2020 with no blackout dates; subject to space availability at the time you make your reservation.
  • Fully transferable: free nights may be transferred to any other individual, family or group. You can transfer them to someone else who may need them more than you do. Another option, if you prefer: World Fellowship will happily apply your free prize nights directly to scholarships.
  • Good for Regular, Economy, and Camping; pay the difference for upgrade to Our Best.

The more ‘new guest-nights’  you recruit, the better your chances of winning!

Number of Qualifying Guest-Nights Credited to You
< 4 4 – 9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25 +
Number of tickets in the drawing in your name 0 1 3 7 12 (1:1, no limit)

25 +


There will only be one entry per new guest reservation made for two guest nights or more. If a new guest commits to more than two guest nights, they will still only be entered into the drawing once.

No one can win more than one prize as part of this campaign. Should a name be picked twice in the same drawing, the higher prize will be awarded, and another name drawn for the lower prize.  Should an individual who has already won a prize in one drawing be picked in another, the higher prize will be awarded, and another name drawn for the lower prize now available.