Summer Work Opportunities

Returning Staff? APPLY NOW!

The World Fellowship Center is committed to staff diversity; we encourage people of any age (18 or over), gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, and spiritual belief to apply.

Complete this Returning Staff application and submit it when you’re done! Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). We hope to complete hiring by April 30. Applications will be accepted after that date and considered if openings are available.

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Full-time - staff work up to 40 hours per week for 4-10 weeks and receive modest compensation. Staff may stay in a bunk house or bring a tent to camp, World Fellowship will withhold a weekly amount for room and board. We give preference to people who can stay for the full season. The start date for most positions is in late June or early July, however it depends on the type of work.

Part-Time - Staff work 30 hours a week for less than 4 weeks and do not receive compensation. Depending on availability, they may stay in a bunk house or tent. They fulfill roles without which the camp and conference center could not function.)


The earliest arrival date is in June.

Season ends mid-September

If you have worked or volunteered with us before pleases fill out the information below.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge: working and living at World Fellowship is rigorous and designed for emotionally and physically healthy individuals. It is not a therapeutic program for individuals with acute conditions. By signing below you acknowledge that you have represented yourself accurately and are at least 18 years of age. You understand that withholding information can lead to the termination of your employment at World Fellowship.


We will begin contacting applicants in April.


2017 Positions available


General Staff   Dish/Pots, Dining Room and Housekeeping!
Flower Gardener
Lloyd Lodge/Housekeeping Manager
Front Desk/Summer Registrar



Please contact Andy Davis through the WF office: 603.447.2280 or write to:


You are:
  • Friendly, flexible, kind and compassionate, generally good humored
  • A good worker with a strong work ethic, have reasonable expectations, respect for boundaries, and a sincere, non-dogmatic commitment to World Fellowship’s values and mission
  • Ideally a non-smoker who can commit to not being intoxicated or high while on site to ensure that we provide a safe and friendly welcoming atmosphere
  • Able to safely lift about 25 pounds from time to time for most jobs and the ability to be on your feet for extended periods. Kitchen, garden and maintenance jobs may occasionally require lifting up to 50 pounds. We are committed to hiring people with varying abilities; please inquire as to possible positions.
  • At least 18 years old or will be here with a parent or parents who will be volunteering, working or a guest on site

You’d like to spend June 1-ish – September 15-ish:

  • With smart fun people creating an atmosphere of caring and excellence
  • With a diverse inter-generational multicultural community
    • At a unique peace and justice vacation spot in the splendor of the White Mountains that offers:
      recreation with daily hike and bike outings, a mile long pond with canoeing, swimming, kayaking
    • lectures and workshops on progressive political issues
    • skills building – from organizing to music and arts

World Fellowship

  • is 6 miles south of Conway, New Hampshire on 455 acres of forest which stretch between Mt. Chocorua
  • has frontage on Whitton Pond, a pristine wilderness lake nearly a mile in length.
  • 30 to 35 workers include US and international university students, retirees and a varied group of others
  • As many as 150 guests are registered at any one time
  • Programs touch on current issues with a focus on peace and social justice, as well as cultural offerings – music, photography, poetry, yoga, t’ai chi, films and nature education.
  • Recreational options of every type

WORK and Life at World Fellowship

 Living and working together, staff and volunteers create an atmosphere of good cheer and well-being

  • Meals and dining room service in a nourishing atmosphere where everyone can feel included
  • Clean, clear, functional guestrooms, bathrooms, and common spaces
  • Friendly, upbeat logistical office support for everyone on site

As much a place or an institution, World Fellowship can be said to be a community or a state of mind as well as heart — one that is nurtured with openness, integrity, authenticity, and compassion. Staff and volunteers help set the tone and support and reinforce this state of mind and heart.


Up to 40-hour week with 1 day off per week. Overtime is not available. 4-week commitment for paid staff positions. Volunteers work 30 hours over the course of a five-day week and may commit to less than four weeks.

There is a weekly staff meeting Sunday afternoon required for all staff and volunteers.


  • Minimum wage minus $140 per week for room and board
  • Shared bunk housing with up to 5 staff per room (a limited number of more private rooms are available for management positions)
  • Two staff computers with internet access available
  • Linens, postage for letters, on-site laundry facility provided.
  • The same excellent food served to guests
  • All facilities plus bicycles available for staff use
  • Program and workshops participation may be scheduled
  • Participation welcome at Fun Night, every Friday evening – our family-friendly in-house talent show!

Volunteers who work 30 hours a week and/or are at World Fellowship for less than four weeks are compensated with room and board. In case of a particular World Fellowship staffing need, we may make an exception to this policy and pay returning staff members with a proven record of excellent work who are working for less than four weeks.

Transportation scheduled to town (6 to 12 miles away) for shopping and “Staff Night Out”. Day trip to Boston or Portland may be coordinated with other staff members.

Hiring process
If you are interested in becoming a staff member or volunteer, please contact us as soon as possible. We ask you to complete an application form and to send a letter of recommendation from someone with whom you have worked, whether as a student, or as an employee. Upon receipt, we will let you know that we received the application and letter of recommendation and notify you of hiring as soon as we know. We will consider hiring for part of the season, but we give priority to applicants who are available for the whole season – for most positions, that’s June 15 to September 7.

Returning staff who submit applications by April 3th will be given priority. The deadline for all others is April 10, as we try to complete hiring by April 17, 2017. Applications received later will be considered if openings are still available. Please submit the online application, along with a letter of recommendation and phone contact number from a current or former employer or a teacher with whom you have worked.

If we offer you a position, you will receive a job offer and employee handbook by email. Once we receive your signed contract back by regular mail we will notify you that you are officially hired.

The Staff Coordinator will give arriving staff members’ initial orientation and training. In addition, there will be two Staff Orientation and Team-Building Days, in early July and early August. New staff and volunteers are required to participate in one of them, preferably near the beginning of their time at World Fellowship. All returning staff is asked to participate in group-building exercises on part of those days.


General Staff
The heart of the World Fellowship work force. The majority of jobs fall into three categories: Dish/Pots, Dining Room and Housekeeping. While there may be some rotation of jobs in the course of the summer, we ask General Staff applicants to rank their preference between these three to help us in making assignments. In addition, there are a small number of positions working in the kitchen, office, maintenance, and garden crews. You must be 18 or over to apply. Compensation begins at  minimum wage and room and board is provided on site at $140 per week for people working a minimum of four weeks.

At any given time we have up to two positions for “Junior Staff”, workers under age 18 who stay with a parent or parental surrogate who may be on site volunteering, on staff, or as a paying guest.

Kitchen Assistants
Work with the Head and Second cooks in daily meal preparation. May include making salad dressings, soups, assisting with occasional baking, etc.

Front Desk Staff
Work with the Office Manager to make visitors and callers welcome by providing reservation assistance, general information, and supporting the flow of information required to keep order and calm among a large group of people in one place.

Maintenance Crew
Assist with all aspects of maintaining our mix of farm-turned-guest houses and yards in a safe, high-functioning state. Some experience preferred: carpentry, general repairs, etc.

Second Cook
Assists the head cook in kitchen management and feeding up to 180 people three hearty meals a day. Meals are vegetarian except: Thursday cookout; Friday fish; Sunday noontime turkey dinner and leftovers from these. Vegetarian alternatives are offered at these meat-inclusive meals. Experience in a professional kitchen or equivalent experience cooking for large numbers of people is strongly preferred. The ability to work long hours in a hot kitchen and keep a sense of humor is fundamental. Compensation commensurate with experience.

Children’s Program Coordinator
Plan, implement, and oversee activities for 3-9 year-olds from 10-noon; and 5-12 year-olds from 7:30-9 PM. An ideal position for an education professional on summer break, or a self-starting student looking to make a career in education or childcare. Compensation commensurate with experience.

Grow a variety of mixed vegetables toward meeting the needs of our kitchen which serves up to 550 meals each day to staff and guests at the height of the summer. We currently have approximately 1/2 acre of raised-bed gardens with convenient water for irrigation. We have cleared three acres to increase our growing capacity. Some of our plots have been cultivated organically for nearly 40 years, resulting in soil that is rich in organic matter, fertile, and well drained. We also have a 17′ by 48′ greenhouse.

The ideal candidate for the farmer position will be self-directed, energetic, flexible and responsible, with at least two years of experience in organic mixed vegetable production (including at least one apprenticeship), and available to work full-time from May 1 through September 20.

Flower Gardener
World Fellowship flower gardens need an experienced hand! If you know the friends from the foes of flowers, please come help restore our beds to their former glory. Our principal buildings have space around them with beautiful potential for you to make a lasting impact. We would like your help establishing simple splash: locally appropriate, perennially beautiful uplifting color!


If you have questions, please contact Andy Davis through the World Fellowship office: 603.447.2280 or write to:

Andy Davis
World Fellowship Center
PO Box 2280
Conway NH 03818-2280  USA