Dog Policy

We’re glad you’re here at World Fellowship! If Fido, Spot or Rover is here with you, please read this page.

Our hope is to make it possible for homo sapiens and canis familiaris to coexist here happily. We must, however, prioritize the needs of our human guests. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

**The only accommodations open to dogs are the campsites and the Cottage (with prior notification). At least one human must be staying overnight with the dog.

**In the campground and lawns and trails of World Fellowship, dogs must be cleaned up after. Since it’s a rare dog that cleans up after itself, we expect a dog’s human companion(s) to take care of it for them. Droppings should be put in a plastic bag, tied closed, and disposed of in the Lloyd Lodge dumpster.

**Dogs must be on leashes at all times at World Fellowship. Humans who wish to hang out with their dogs in a public area may do so on the southern side lawn at Lloyd Lodge, between the ramp from the main parking lot and the rear corner of the building. There is a screen ‘pup’ tent there for your convenience. Please stay well clear of main walking areas. Dogs may not be tied to any picnic tables, buildings, porches or other structures used by guests. They may be tied to a tree in the wooded section south of Lloyd Lodge if they do not bark.

**Dog hours at the World Fellowship waterfront on Whitton Pond are from 7am to 9:30 am. If you wish to swim with your canine companion at other hours, we suggest that you drive to Lake Chocorua: one mile down Drake Hill Road, turn left onto Route 16, and in approximately 2 miles you will come to the lake. Pass the entrance for Tamworth residents and turn into the next entrance. Alternatively, you may walk to the Whitton Pond public access. Half a mile north of Lloyd Lodge on Drake Hill Road at the top of a rise, you will see a gambrel-roofed (“barn” roof) house on your left. On your right is a rough, narrow dirt road that leads, in a few minutes, to the shore of Whitton Pond, on the end opposite Split Rock.

**Please limit your dog’s time on the World Fellowship trail to Whitton Pond to the waterfront dog hours stated above. All other World Fellowship trails and Drake Hill Road and connecting thoroughfares may be used for leashed dog walking at any time.

If there is any confusion about this policy, please check in with Andrea or Andy, the co-directors. Please make their job easier, however, by not asking them to come up with a new, customized dog policy for you and your family.

We hope you enjoy your time here!