Summer 2014

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Smarter Travel features World Fellowship! World Fellowship Makes National News: Featured this month on the website, World Fellowship is among ten world-class summer vacation trips that “make you a better person.”  See article here: Smarter Travel features World Fellowship!  See third photo and the text below.

Energized by this new media coverage, we invite you to take one of these  actions to spread the word:

1) CC this web link to your friends, and invite them to join us this summer for swimming, rowing, mountain hiking, three meals a day, and fascinating daytime and evening programs.  (2014 program schedule is up on our website — detailed calendar soon to be posted!  And tell us when you would like to come for a visit this June, July, or August.)

2)  Know anyone thinking of “tying the knot?”  World Fellowship is a gorgeous, affordable place to get married.  We’re glad to talk specifics with any amorous couples!

3)  More to tell:  As you know, there are many colorful stories to be found at WF, not to mention stellar photos and video clips.  Do you know a writer or editor (print, on line, or on air — national or local) who might like to cover WF?  We’re glad to contact whomever you recommend, share some captivating WF stories, and invite them for a visit.

We look forward to more Education, Inspiration, Empowerment, Action!

Thank you!


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