Outreach Tools

Hosting a house party can be a great way to introduce folks to World Fellowship! Here’s a quick how-to:

  • Choose a date. Any date. People want to get together and have fun. Dates that fall on birthdays of political activists, celebrations of world peace, or anniversaries of social justice significance are especially great!
  • Select the type of party you want to have. From a demonstration sign-making party, to a tea party, potluck, book or clothing exchange, or screening of a new documentary, there are endless positive ways to gather friends and colleagues for discussion and sharing.
  • Have materials ready to distribute (see below) and be ready to share stories of what you most love about World Fellowship.
  • Send us any receipts of donated materials for your party (such as food or entertainment) so we can send you in-kind receipts for tax purposes. If you’d like help with materials, ideas, or anything else let us know.
  • If you’d like fundraising to be part of the party, please speak to us first so we can go over guidelines and help you track and make acknowledgements to guests for their contributions. Contact Andrea at andrea @ worldfellowship.org

Use these materials to help you host house parties, table at events, and spread the word about World Fellowship!

We are also happy to mail you program brochures, palm cards, and newsletters. Email anna@worldfellowship.org and just be sure to ask a couple weeks in advance of your event!

Thank you for your support of World Fellowship!