World Fellowship Morning Announcements, June 27, 2016

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We’re expecting a high of 89 today, and a low of 62. Much-needed showers will be coming in tomorrow.

Notable birthdays today include Emma Goldman (1869), Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872), Helen Keller (1880), and Grace Lee Boggs (1915). Charles Stewart Parnell, the leader of the Irish Home Rule movement, who perhaps more than any other single person was responsible for Ireland’s sense of itself as an independent nation, was born on this day in 1846.

I want to give some space to a little-remembered event in 1497. On June 27 of that year, Michael Joseph (known as “An Gof”: The Blacksmith) and Thomas Flamank were hanged for leading the Cornish uprising against Henry VII. They are worthy of our honor, though the royal historians of the day predictably described An Gof as “a notable prating fellow who by thrusting himself forward on every occasion, and being loudest in every complaint against the government, acquired an authority among these simple people, and was ready to lead them to any desperate enterprise”.

The crown had levied punitive taxes on Cornwall to help pay the costs of a war against a Scottish pretender, and An Gof and Flamank suggested that the northern nobles could pay for their own protection. They had gathered a force of 15,000 by the time they faced the king’s forces at Deptford Bridge. The Cornishmen were good archers and fought bravely but, lacking artillery and cavalry, were defeated by the larger army.

Our Quote of the Day comes from Flamank’s last words. Upon the scaffold, he said “Speak the truth and only then can you be free of your chains.”

Keep speaking the truth, and have a lovely day.

June 27 MA

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