World Fellowship Morning Announcements, June 30, 2016

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We’re enjoying sunshine this morning, a crystal-clear view of Chocorua, and, after a cool start, expecting a high of 84.

On June 30, 1892, one of the most momentous conflicts in US labor history began outside Pittsburgh, in Homestead, Pennsylvania. It was a showdown between the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers and Carnegie Steel, which erupted into an open battle on July 6 which left twelve dead, nine workers and three Pinkerton agents. The strike’s aftermath was a loss of ground for labor. While it was seen as a win for Andrew Carnegie, his public and self-image never quite recovered.

Today is the 56th anniversary of Congolese independence from Belgium. Also on this date, in 1966, the National Organization for Women was formed.

Our quote of the day is from a poem by World Fellowship friend Michael Henson, from his collection The True Story of the Resurrection. These are the last lines from To Tom McGrath in Heaven: A Letter from the Ark:

“…we float on these waters in an ark of hope.
Cubit by cubit, we built it together
and two by two we staggered up the gangplank.
It’s crowded and it stinks
and the nocturnals won’t let the diurnals sleep
and it seems this trip will never end.
But you taught us well, my friend;
we’re all still here, plugging the leaks and patching the sails.
Day by day, we scrape the bat shit from the rafters.
Day by day, we stop the lions from devouring the lambs.
Day by day, we send out the little dove of a poem.
Day by day, we watch
for that little sprig of olive
that tells us
the blessed land is near.”


June 30 MA

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