Founded in 1941 as a non-profit organization, this “camp and conference center with a social conscience” has a rich history of speaking truth to power, defending civil liberties and promoting peace while considering issues of justice and freedom as our society shapes itself for future generations. All while families and people of all ages enjoy wilderness, community, arts, wholesome food and good summer fun!

Brief History of World Fellowship Center

1893 First Parliament of Religions, in conjunction with World Expo, Chicago
1918 League of Neighbors commenced working for Racial Unity
1929 World Fellowship of Faiths founded, an inter-religious, intercultural peace organization, bringing together the League of Neighbors for common human unity; Union of East and West for cultural unity; and Fellowship of Faiths for religious unity.
1941 World Fellowship Center founded by Charles and Eugenia Weller (with help from Lola Maverick Lloyd and scores of contributors), in Albany, NH on 290 acres in the White Mountains.
The first summer’s program, “In a Time of War Prepare for Peace”, featured a World Government Convention.
1953 Willard and Ola Uphaus became Directors in the McCarthy era. Soon after, the NH attorney general demanded that they turn over lists of guests and presenters. They refused.
1958 Purchase of Weller House and 30 acres – home of the first World Fellowship organic garden.
1959 – 1960 Though subversive activity was never established, after six years of litigation the US Supreme Court upheld the State of NH’s ‘contempt of court’ and Willard Uphaus spent his 70th year in jail.
1970 Christoph and Kathryn (Kit) Schmauch became Directors. During the Schmauchs’ 30-year tenure the Center grew to include: Children’s Fellowship; weekly cultural offerings; organic vegetable gardens; 135 additional acres; nature trails; Schmauch Meeting Room; directors’ house with year-round office on site… and much more.
1982 Uphaus Lodge purchased.
2001 Andy Davis and Andrea Walsh became Directors. A year-round home for directors and office built on site. Program offerings expanded to include spring and fall weddings and summer Recreation Program and Art on the Porch.