Big and relatively small wishes:

  • 2 Vehicles that will pass NH inspection. Used or new! Preferably 2012 or newer -and a hybrid or electric would be super!
  • Points from credit cards or gift cards
    • Cash cards to use anywhere, or
    • Lowes or Home Depot for hardware/lumber purchases
  • Furnishings – new or gently used sturdy, beautiful bedside tables, bureau/chest of drawers, lamps
  • Financial support – Each and every gift matters!
    • Monthly gift
    • One time gift
    • Bequest through your will
    • So many ways to help – from new bath house project to ‘Cabin Revolution’,  capital reserve fund, and more! Whether one to one million dollars each gift we receive helps maintain WFC traditions and supports new ways of being in the world.
      Family Cabin $20,000 each (up to 12 could be sited – two larger group cabins, the Larry Katz cabin and the Jacobs Family cabin, are built)
      Housing Options – Platform tents ($2,500 each); individual rooms; bunkhouse/room upgrades
  • Volunteer leadership keeps WFC strong and vibrant!
  • World Peace! True equity. Reparations. Harmony and compassion. Lots of love!

Contact office @ worldfellowship.org with creative suggestions about things we might be able to use; or if you want specific dimensions or details about specific things we need.