Come enjoy autumn beauty at World Fellowship!

See Fall 2023 / Winter 2023-24 lodging options here.

Want to volunteer and join a Fall 2023 work weekend? Express interest & help us pick the date!

The Interim Management Committee & WFC Board of Trustees thanks everyone who made our Summer 2023 season a huge success!

A huge THANK YOU!! to the Interim Management Committee (IMC) for all they’ve done to make this success possible over the past year, right through this summer:

Howie Fain, Acting Executive Director

Susan Ogden, Marketing and Outreach

Cat Roberts, Staff and Volunteer Coordinator

Norma Wassel, Development and Dining Hall Hospitality

Linda Wheeler, Bookkeeping and Office Support

Words of thanks for the IMC and appreciation for all the World Fellowship staff & volunteers:

Andy Davis and Andrea Walsh, Directors 2001-2021: “Howie and the IMC have provided a crucial service at a critical time for World Fellowship. After being closed in 2020, partially open in 2021, and the challenges of 2022, their leadership brought the WFC vibe alive in 2023! By working with the staff and board as volunteers, they’ve contributed to a positive bottom line and to a positive spirit all year long. Thank you all so much!”

Kit and Christoph Schmauch, Directors 1970 – 2000: “We look forward to the administration of Andrew and Megan with great anticipation. After meeting them we are quite confident that they will be able to find the right balance between continuity and change at WF. We couldn’t be happier and more confident that there will be a bright future for WF, since it really is to a large degree ‘The Beloved Community’ that MLK, Jr envisioned.”

Andrew Maki and Megan Chapman, Incoming Directors Designate 2023: “It has been an incredible experience getting to meet so much of the World Fellowship community over the last weeks of the summer. We feel like we have really “come home” with the warm welcome we have received. Shadowing the IMC and working side-by-side with staff and volunteers over the final weeks of the summer has been a wonderful way to learn all that it takes to keep World Fellowship running. It is so exciting to hear the refrain, “World Fellowship is back!” and see community management in practice. We look forward to working together with the whole community to build this next chapter.”

Other ways to support World Fellowship:

Congratulations to Michael Felsen who won the Peace Quilt raffle at the end-of-season drawing. Thank you to the UU Church of Worcester, MA, Social Threads for the beautiful donation, and to the WFC community raise over $3,000 through the raffle this summer. THANK YOU!

For the first time in several years, you can buy commemorative BRICKS, supporting World Fellowship, while helping to extend the walkway to Schmauch. Voluntary sliding scale.  Honor a person or group you admire or dedicate a brick to a cause you care about. Single and double brick options available. Buy a WFC brick now.

You can vacation, hold your organizational retreat or get married at World Fellowship Center, where progressive politics and harmony with nature are underlying values for our delightfully intergenerational community. Here’s a link to accommodation options: Lodging – World Fellowship Center

VACATIONS: First timers or old timers, book now to learn, relax, connect and replenish in the beautiful White Mountains and the company of like-spirited community. While we look forward to a full Summer 2024 program, WFC remains open for fall/winter 2023!

RETREATS: World Fellowship offers workshop and training space to groups and organizations from May through October. Perfect for renewing commitment and building solidarity. Accommodations are basic; the food is delicious, with rest and recreation in the White Mountains easy to access. Inquiries:

EVENTS: Weddings, celebrations, reunions, memorials. Let us help you plan the special event that launches or reaffirms your connection. Many beautiful outdoor space options abound, including Whitton Pond as a backdrop to your love for nature and each other. Inquiries:

MERCHANDISE: If you can’t wait and want some World Fellowship in your life now, consider checking out our merchandise page to grab something to bring a little World Fellowship into your own home!

We encourage you to become a monthly donor and to support World Fellowship’s next 80 years as we continue to work for a more just world!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!





For over 80 years, World Fellowship Center has sought to nurture a progressive vision for a more peaceful, just and equitable world. World Fellowship welcomes all who seek community, solidarity and respite in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Families and friends have been enjoying the get-away opportunity that WFC offers for decades. Spend a few days with like-minded folks in a beautiful setting!


We love to host groups! We have a range of options for your multi-day retreat or conference that includes enjoying the unique setting WFC provides.


Whether planning your wedding, retirement party, or child’s birthday weekend, WFC can help you make it a celebration to remember.

Upcoming Events & Programs

At World Fellowship Center, each day offers many options for all ages, resulting in a memorable experience of relaxation, growth, learning, and rejuvenation. WFC allows each visitor to choose the activities that best fit with what they need – a day with us can be as full or as open as you want it to be!

We are committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship

We strive to protect the wilderness and every environment surrounding us. We hope to reduce negative impact, learn and employ environmentally sustainable practices, and provide an opportunity for visitors and staff to learn and deepen their own conservation efforts.

More about our practices

Each Day is an Opportunity for Growth!

Our mission is to promote social justice and connections between people, communities, and nature through education, recreation, and creative expression.

Your strength, commitment, and support make a better world possible. Join in standing up for justice in the face of wrong – at WFC, in the streets, in your community, in your neighborhood. It takes courage to be the change we hope to see, but it starts with each of us accepting the challenge.

“World Fellowship is a great place which allows me to be wild and free from all my sad worries, to feel awesome in my own way. Thank you, staff, for all your awesome work. Thank you all!”
TG, age 12
Vacations, retreats, events — we’ve got it all.
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