World Fellowship History Project

For over eighty years, people have gathered at World Fellowship and found a home away from home in this unique community. Our traditions have been co-created, sustained and evolved by generation after generation. As we continue on this journey of constant co-creation, evolution, preserving and refreshing, we invite you to join us in documenting and sharing your history as it intersects with World Fellowship.

What do we hope to capture and pull together in this process?

  • Favorite memories of World Fellowship, the people and groups who make up the place, and what the place means to you or to people you care about;
  • Shared history of how different families, activist groups and social movements have come to World Fellowship and how the experience/place has been passed down from one generation to the next; and
  • Threads of progressive activism that run through your life or family history and how these threads intersect with World Fellowship and carry forward today.

Here are (just) some ways you can contribute to the process:

  • Record and send an audio file/voice note;
  • Write up your contributions and send in written form;
  • Send pictures, videos, documents, or other historical “artifacts”;
  • Visualize using a creative/multimedia form of your choice; or
  • Volunteer to help us with outreach or to help organize and, eventually, curate/present the history of World Fellowship in Summer 2024.

Contributions to the project can be sent by email to (Google Drive or WeTransfer can be used for large attachments) or by snail mail to World Fellowship Center, PO Box 2280, Conway, NH 03818-2280.

Need technical help? Inspired but unsure how exactly to move forward? Just email or call (603) 447-2280 to let us know you are interested. We can schedule a phone or Zoom call to talk through your ideas or do an interview and record your audio file directly without you needing to do anything more!