My very favorite place on earth. My home since before I can remember, and the place where all of my favorite people come together. Beautiful, peaceful, diverse, musical, surprising, loving, and accepting. I sure do love it here!

Fiona Davis-Walsh


Having grown up just 20 miles west of Albany (and having had no prior knowledge of it til college), it was a splendid irony that I encountered it only after having graduated (as a peace studies major, no less) from college in 2005. In years subsequent it became a veritable haj for me to return, work (indeed overwork) and reconnect with the majesty of the surrounding White Mountains. To indulge in a little names-dropping, where else, I am tempted to ask, can one meet and mingle with the son of (Herbert) Marcuse, the son of Major Owens, the daughter of (Noam) Chomsky and the families of so many other pacifistic and idealistic visionaries?!?

In 2010, I decided to take a temporary (though much needed) hiatus from WF and its (internal) politics. But I will (I hope) be back in full-force this summer and look forward to trekking up Chocorua in one day (and in one piece). Indeed, perhaps to go out on a limb, this is the place that, should I die prematurely, I would readily have my ashes scattered upon Whitton pond (or perhaps the top of Chocorua…best not to fancy such morbid thoughts). I will close with (of all quotations) Psalm 137:5 – “Oh Jerusalem, if I forget thee, let my right hand whither; may my tongue cling to my palate; if I do not remember you, if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy.” All this may seem a bit florid, but this place has truly become my Jerusalem.

Devin Elgert


My favorite summer getaway in the white mountains. Great place for families, with strong community, natural foods and beautiful grounds and cleanest pond for swimming!

Dave Malekpour


Five star!!! Great family resort. Three visits and anxious to return to see old friends and meet new. Great food and even better discussions / conversations over great meals.

James O’Donnell


I was on the staff many, many moons ago!! We called ourselves the Razbow Clan, and I was Rainberry Razbow… Yes children, this was back in early 70’s… I’ve never found another place like World Fellowship, nor have I ever felt so at home anywhere else in the world…

Lani Maria E


World Fellowship provides a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to connect to nature, friends, family and meet new people as well.

Jenell James


So awesome to have you in our neighborhood!

Jackie Leafe


Best place in the world!

Lia Geller


Wow. What a combination: Magic. Welcoming. Community. I’ve never experienced anything like this!


I just love it here. There are so many optional activities. No one’s pressured to do anything. You can decide whether to hike, bike, swim, go to a lecture, or just relax and watch the mountain. It’s wonderful!


World Fellowship is a great place which allows me to be wild and free from all my sad worries, to feel awesome in my own way. Thank you staff for all your awesome work. Thank you all!

TG, 12


Yes, you can put your arm around me here, Mom. Everyone can love their family at World Fellowship!

15-year-old guest, quoted by her mother


I want my whole family to come here!


I am so happy to have re-discovered World Fellowship. It’s even more welcoming, upbeat and active than I remembered. I’m hoping I can come back for a second visit this summer. After many years away, what a great rediscovery!


I brought my eight year old niece up for the first time for a weekend in August. She had a great time and I really enjoyed being with her at World Fellowship. I hope we can make this a summer tradition as I would love for her to be exposed to the warm, supportive community and to have it be a part of her life.


World Fellowship is…a great place to hold gatherings, like last summer’s Popular Economics Institute, at the end of which, one participant remarked that he’d been to plenty of conferences, but that there was something about World Fellowship that made the experience stand out far above the norm. That “something” is a combination of natural surroundings, family-style meals, a relaxed atmosphere, and decades of radical history that infuse a community with the spirit we need to continue our struggles for justice and peace.

Arnie Alpert, New Hampshire Program Coordinator at the American Friends Service Committee